When Should Patients Ask For A Second Opinion?

Requesting a second opinion is a common practice among patients. Unless the patient’s condition or injury is life threatening and they require an emergency care, then the patient is a perfectly good candidate for a second opinion.


Inquiring a second opinion is necessary when:

  • Surgery is said to be the only treatment available for the patient.
  • The patient suffers from a complex condition or a severe injury.
  • The patient is told that there is no treatment available to improve their condition or address the injury.
  • The patient is not comfortable with the impressions and diagnosis from the pain management doctor.
  • The patient is not given detailed and clear answers to their questions about their orthopedic injury or condition.
  • The condition returns shortly after the course of treatment.
  • The symptoms keep occurring, but the pain management doctor can’t find the cause.
  • The patient feels their condition or injury is incorrectly diagnosed.
  • The doctor does not understand why the treatment is not working.